Thursday, February 10, 2011

I trust people, I just don't trust the devil inside them

Our students are unbelievable. Sometimes in a good way, most times in a “what the heck is going on” kind a way.
Some of my students are obsessed with this one boy. Every time he comes in they scream his name and they all run to him. I can’t figure it out.
They fight, a lot. I have to separate them every 2 seconds. I feel like we are more of a “lucha libre” ref than teachers sometimes…

He is really smart and he knows a lot of English. He usually knows all the answers and has a good sense of humor. 
 He does make the creepiest faces, and sometimes I think he is possessed. He sometimes runs around hitting his head with his hands, or banging his head on the wall…
 She has a crush on me and hugs me every chance she gets…

 We tried to get them to spell “ILP” but the space prevented a good picture.

These are two girls that came in about a week and a half ago (beginning SPE). When they came they could barley say hello. Now they can speak small sentences and answer questions with short answers. It is incredible how fast they have progressed. They are also the two that laughed at me with the crying baby…

My biggest class. We are up to 11 in this class now. 9 boys and 2 girls. As you can tell we have our hands full. They are the Basic Readers. This night only ¾ of them were here.

My advanced SPE class.  They are pretty crazy most of the time too.

All the teachers are in love with this kid. Personally, he drives me nuts because he doesn't listen. Cuteness can only get you so far space cadet!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why is she crying!?

So, I am doing pretty well. I really have a hard time with kids though. Today was a perfect example. We had this new girl come in. She is 3. Usually at that age when they come they just cry. That bugs me. A lot. Why bring your dang kid when all they will do is cry and then leave anyway? In my opinion, unless you plan on putting them through classes until they are out of puberty, they shouldn't be in classes at that age! But I digress. Today this girl that has been here for a few days, and hasn't had any issues is in my class, had some issues. We are playing with balloons and having a good time, when all of a sudden she starts to cry. You know what I did? I stared at her. She kept crying. I kept staring. In my mind thinking "what the crap am I supposed to do now!?" More crying, more staring. I decided to let the balloon go to try and get her to stop crying and watch it go zooming around the room. More crying, more staring...
The girl teaching next to me kept asking if she should take her to the little girl's brother. In my head I was saying "the dang girl needs to learn how not to cry! leave her alone!" after about a min (which seemed to be a million...) the teacher came and picked her up. The little girl stopped crying. I stared. The two other girls in the beginning class (the same class as the 3 year old) just laughed at me. I didn't say a single word throughout the whole ordeal. I was super embarrassed.

My poor kids will be traumatized when they are born. I just cannot comprehend crying. I hold a baby and one minuet things are going well, she is cooing, I am contemplating the meaning of life and BAM! Tears and broken eardrums. I must have some evil twin that comes out when I am not watching because I could swear that I am the same person as I was 2 seconds ago when the baby was fine! Then again, I have the same mentality as my father. I remember many times growing up hearing “stop your crying or I will give ya something to cry about.” He always said it with love though. Look at me and my brothers! We turned out fine!

Sometimes you can trick the babies though. Example: if a toddler falls, the first thing he/she will do is look to see if someone saw. Then, seeing the reaction on the observer’s face, will act according to the reaction. I have seen some pretty intense falls down stairs, on concrete, in water, in poo etc. and just said “alright! That was awesome!” normal circumstances would dictate a crying baby, when they are with me, they laugh and do it again. Mission accomplished, no crying babies.

I hope my future wife is very patient with me. And loves to nurture cause I will do my best, but usually when crying begins, I freeze. Come to think of it, that is what I do with girls…
When the crying starts this is usually what happens in my head “okay, I know I am supposed to do something but what? I know!” (a random hand comes out of no where, stretched out at full length and pats her on the back as only a man can do and says “um, are you okay?)

I’m out, peace and love from Mexico, I need to go see my councelor…

Katie's science experiment

Here at ILP we do many different things to entertain these kids. It is not easy sometimes. I myself have done things that, in a normal circumstances, would be considered crazy and off the wall (if you can imagine that).

Our teachers here are incredible. I feel very humble everyday as I go to school and see them all struggle to help these students in their goals of learning English. One that is particularly impressive is our 17 year old. She finished all her high school early so she could participate in this program. She is determined, eager to learn, and very down to earth. Here is one of her experiments that...well just watch.

I love our teachers!

Africam Safari…yes, it really is spelled with an “m”

So near the city of Puebla (which is about 2 hours away from where I live) there is a Zoo called Africam Safari. I am not sure why it is spelled with an “M.” I have included a part of the website so you know that it really is spelled with an “m.”

My family found out that we had planned to go see this place and didn't because of a miscommunication, so they decided to take the whole lot of us! Mom, Dad, Pepe, Dani, La abuelita and me! It was awesome! Aside from feeding me good food, they take me places and help me experience the wonderfulness that is México.

To see the zoo you drive up to the entrance and pay per person. Then, you drive through this huge reserve that has tons of animals from Africa and other “safari” type areas.

This was the first thing we saw as we drove into the Zoo.

We forgot to take the trash out before we left the almost became dangerous. These little guys were climbing all over our truck!

This was one of the areas that it was not permitted to put the windows down to take pictures. Apparently they have had issues with people getting eaten or something…

Careful, they spit...

I felt like I was in the movie Jurassic Park!

I never knew Zebras were so beautiful!

They are an endangered species...or close to it.

My cousins!

I know...I am bad, I just couldn't help it!

A mama and her baby hippo! The mom came right up to where we were all standing and poo'd in the water...her attempt to make us run didn't work. I took pictures of it. They didn't turn out, but This guy apparently loved it!

Ahh, that would be the life.

They let us play with, and feed Kangaroos from Australia. These are my siblings; Pepe and Dani as we were feeding a little baby.

I think this guy looked really cool so I put him in too.