Sunday, March 13, 2011

Teotihuacán and Ruins

We were able to take a weekend trip to a place in puebla called Teotihuacán. The ruins here are of the Sun and Moon and one where Quetzalquoatl came and visited his people, fulfilling the legend.

This is what we saw when we first arrived.  I never found where from where they took off or where they went...

This is the temple dedicated to Quetzalquoatl

These are some of the girls I work with. They are great! You can see the Temple of the Sun in the background.                                                               

These are some of the Puebla peeps.  They asked us to go with them to see the ruins.  We have two schools here in Mexico. One in Puebla city and one in Tehuacán.

Oh Aldo and Ruben! Ruben is our private driver when ever we go on trips.  This is the majority of our group.  I don't thin we have a picture with the entire group...

This is Kailyn, another one of my co-teachers.  She is awesome. We really were having fun...the sun makes us squint a little bit...

Not sure why but I don't look happy in some of these pictures...but that temple is pretty sweet eh?

Me on top of a ruin...they believed their gods would visit them in rays of light...
res, res.  I am a ninja...
She didn't think I could carry her. I guess she never heard about me carrying Calvin, Skyler, and Keith across a river in the middle of winter.
I think I was asking her to be my girlfriend and she said no...

Could have been cooler but still good...My friend Carson got a sweet picture like this!

Is this a postcard...? Nope! just me! haha

Beautiful cathedral in the downtown of Puebla.

The Facade of the same cathedral
A little church close to downtown. I liked the colors.  Inside was amazing! (also in Puebla)

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